Our Vision & Mission:

Changing lives through experiencing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ is the God-led vision of the people of Fairbanks UMC. 
Our mission is to lead others to…
Believe that Jesus died for them. Belong in the family of God.  Become more Christ-like Be Love by serving God and others which will lead others to believe….
WORSHIP of our Lord is at the center of all we do and all that we are. We share God’s inexhaustible, unconditional, and magnificent GRACE as we WITNESS to Jesus’s call to MISSION with integrity, honesty, authenticity, and compassion through helping and serving others. We believe in the power of PRAYER, not necessarily for what He does for us but for what He does in and through us. We are a FAMILY, God’s family, and invite you to be a part of this outpost of heaven called Fairbanks United Methodist Church. We want you here with us!

Our History

Around the turn of the century, the Zweck family, who lived on Taylor Road near the Moore Rice Dryer location, held Sunday school classes in their living room. The first Methodist Episcopal minister, C.F. Bohmfalk, was appointed in 1908. Under his leadership, the congregation grew and in 1910 began meeting in a 16′ X 20′ box-type house that served as a school at what is presently Sprite and Hempstead Highway.

In 1913 Reverend Moers, President of Blinn College, helped organize the congregation of approximately fifteen families through the Old Methodist Episcopal Church, and Fairbanks became a mission of the German Methodist Episcopal Church Conference in the Brenham District.

After the 1915 storm completely destroyed the box-type house and pump organ, C.W. Hahl donated two lots of land on Aston and Stonington to any denomination with enough members to build a church. A meeting was held August 1916 at which time nine people united with the church and $400 was collected for a church building. The building was completed in 1917 on those two lots, which are now a part of the present-day site.

Until 1921 Fairbanks was a circuit charge with Rose Hill and Bear Creek served by Brenham divinity students. During this time, the first parsonage was built and the first full-time, German-English speaking minister, Reverend August Didzin, was appointed.

The congregation continued to grow between 1921 and 1949, although there was little noticeable building activity. However, a parsonage-building fund was set-up and the present parsonage (now the Assistance Ministry) was completed in 1950 and dedicated in 1952. The building committee for a chapel was named in 1953 with actual construction beginning in 1954. Many hours of dedicated volunteer labor went into completing our beautiful chapel in 1955. The addition of the children’s wing in 1960 offered extra space needed for increased Sunday school attendance. Completion of the Memorial Fellowship Hall in 1966 included a parlor, kitchen, four classrooms and a large meeting room.

The church buildings located on approximately seven acres of land, acquired over a period of years, now consists of a chapel, children’s wing and the Memorial Fellowship Hall. Special areas of this campus are the pastor’s study, church parlor, library, choir rehearsal room, kitchen, nursery and twelve classrooms.

On September 11, 1977 Bishop Finis A. Crutchfield, Jr. dedicated these facilities to the service and glory of God.

Fairbanks Officials : We present these buildings to be dedicated to the glory of God and the service of men.

Bishop: By what name shall this church be known?

Fairbanks Officials: It shall be called Fairbanks United Methodist Church.

FUMC Pastors
Heather L. Sims 2019-Present
Deanna M. Young 2014-2019
Cramer Johnson 2012-2014
David G. Porterfield 2006-2012
Robert L. Faulk 1997-2006
Charles A. Weber, IV 1993-1997
Bernard Stein 1992-1995
Clint (Buzz) Jordan 1989-1992
William Webb 1986-1989
Don Sinclair 1980-1986
D. W. McCasland 1978-1980
Horace G. McMillan 1970-1978
Herman C. Millikan 1962-1970
Garland Reeves 1959-1962
S. Burton Smith 1957-1959
Jack Schoultz 1954-1957
Charles Godbey 1951-1954
Joe B. Wells 1949-1951
H. A. Springfield 1947-1949
Derwood Blackwell 1945-1947
R. B. Moon 1943-1945
J. B. Davis 1942-1943
C. G. Condry 1941-1942
J. L. Cannon 1940-1941
H. L. Leckie 1937-1940
Don Harwell 1934-1937
Henry Jongema 1932-1934
E. Leroy Jones 1928-1932
A. D. Molkle 1926-1927
August Didzun 1919-1925
Arthur Ellery 1919
Blinn College 1917-1918
O. F. Kattner 1914-1916
A. W. Tompke 1911-1913
O. F. Kattner 1910
C. F. Bahmfalk 1908-1909