Sunday School Classes


You are invited to be a part of one of our 9:45 a.m. Sunday School classes! Please choose one that suits your interests.  If you have children, please note some changes below.  Parents, please bring your child to the Fellowship Hall and stay with them until their teacher retrieves and accompanies them to their appropriate classroom.  When class is over, please retrieve your child from the classroom indicated by their teacher. Thank you.



            Parlor – Stan Bell or Joe Lewis lead
            Curriculum – Uniform Series: God’s Urgent Call
            Room 5 – Howard Behrens & Cathy Behrens lead
    Curriculum – Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi Zacharias
            Ignite Room (Located in the back of the Sanctuary) – Rev. Deanna Young leads
            Curriculum – This semester they are joining in Room 5
            Grades 8 – 12
            Room 1 Upstairs – Wes VanNatta leads
            Grades 4– 7
            Room 4 Sunday School Wing – Pastor Elizabeth Gallardo


            Older 3 year olds – Grade 4
            Rooms 2  – Brenda Bell, Jennie Kelly lead
            Infant – Young 3 year olds
            Nursery – Jane Parra